Daylight Stoopid Time - Fall 2007 Edition

by fwhagen Fri, 26 October 2007

Here's your reminder that DST is ending again this weekend and you will be losing your free hour everyday.  But Wait!!  Congress moved it this year:  It's actually next week!  Yay!  Another week of free hours.  It a good thing Congress is saving us Time and Money, and more than ever before!

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"Flag" Fields

by fwhagen Tue, 16 October 2007

I shouldn't be surprised, but I am:  A customer complained to me that the Flag field they wanted to indicate a Yes or No value was failing.  The Yes value was working fine, but No was being returned when they hadn't set anything yet.

I didn't realize that booleans were meant to represent Yes, No, and Maybe.  Silly Programmer, no bits for you.


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