New RPN Calculator for Windows

by fwhagen Tue, 18 December 2018

I couldn't (easily) find a decent and simple RPN calculator online anywhere, so I am making my own.  As I get closer to it being more functional, I will post it here for anyone to use.  It will be completely free for anyone to use, reverse engineer, copy, whatever they want.  I miss my old HP-15C, but carrying a physical calculator is just not practical anymore, and the one in windows is not RPN.



Requires .NET 4.6.1 or higher.  Eventually will update it to .NET Core once WPF is finalized in that framework.  The grayed keys are not yet implemented.  For 64-bit Windows, of course (I'm not supporting 32-bit anymore).


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XP PowerUser System Admin Tweaks

by fwhagen Mon, 26 February 2007

Scott Hanselman always has great tricks for developers.  Here are a list of registry tweaks to make system administration much easier and flexible for XP.  Use at your own risk!

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FoxIt - FREE PDF Reader

by fwhagen Fri, 02 February 2007

If you've had enough of Adobe's PDF Reader software, I know I have, then get a free alternative called FoxIt Reader.  It does the same thing that the free Adobe Reader does, only it unloads itself from memory when you are done, has a smaller footprint, is faster (for me), and doesn't constantly ask you to register or upgrade or buy anything.  I recommend it to everyone who needs simple PDF support, which is nearly everyone.

What are you waiting for?  Here the link!

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