Enough With the Iraq War Casualty Count Already

by fwhagen Tue, 20 March 2007

I'm on a roll tonight! 

Tonight's local newscast made sure to include the latest numbers of casualties in Iraq with a running total.  Now I am not belittling the sacrifice of the great men of our military; I feel the news media is.  You know, in this area, where there is a considerable percentage of military families, you'd think they would be more sensitive.  Oh, but that would be CENSORSHIP!

I don't yet have the numbers, but I am going to get them.  The Iraq war, and subsequent occupation, has seen one of the lowest casualty counts of friendly forces of ANY conflict on this scale.  I don't remember hearing the amount of whining when we were in Somalia, Bosnia, or Kosovo.  I do remember the occasional body count in the last two, but not like Iraq.  It's stupid.

And the protesters they always show.  Couldn't they find anyone better?  I mean these people are about as clueless as it gets!  I guess that is the problem, isn't it.


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