Book Review: The Last Colony - John Scalzi (2007)

by fwhagen Sun, 05 August 2007

Scalzi's latest book is The Last Colony, which also marks the end of the OMW trilogy.  The first two books were very enjoyable, so obviously, I had to pick this one up too.  I think I should also note, that this is the only trilogy that I have bought the first run of entirely in hardcover.  They are that good.

This is the last book in the John Perry storyline, at least for now.  Perry and his ex-SpecialOps wife Jane Sagan are asked to be the administrators of a new colony against the demands of the Conclave of Worlds, which Humans are not part of.  Fittingly, the colony is named Roanoke as it will be hidden, or lost, from everyone.  Of course, it is not hidden forever, nor is the premise as simple as it appears.

An excellent, and quick read.  I have read every novel that Scalzi has written to date.  This is the best of them all.  You can tell that his style is maturing nicely in this novel, which was written as well as many of the giants of SciFi.  A more complex story than Old Man's War, more compelling than The Android's Dream, and packed with more intrigue than The Ghost Brigades.  I still think I liked OMW best, but that is because it was much more military than this one.  Can't recommend Scalzi enough for the true SciFi aficionado.


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