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by fwhagen Wed, 08 August 2007

Almost everything I read regularly online now is through an RSS feed.  The few things I don't get through RSS are either not suited to RSS or don't come in a feed, but are too important to me to skip.  I use SharpReader to collect and browse all of these feeds.  It is not a perfect reader but does what I want it to do better than anything else I can find (for free).

I have always enjoyed comic strips and much prefer them on the web than any other format.  I have been reading Dilbert online since the old days when Scott Adams posted them himself on Usenet.  But not all comics online are available in an RSS feed.  And none of them were a few years ago (before RSS, of course).  I have tried over the years to script or code different ways of collecting strips with some success, into webpages or browsable collections, but something was always lacking.

Today I use a app I created to collect the img tags from the hosted sites and put them into RSS feeds for each strip.  It works for me.  The only problem is the RSS library for .NET that I used doesn't clear the old entries correctly, so the XML file get big over time.  Not huge, just big.  Now I can load my feed into SharpReader and have all of the feed-y goodness such as tracking which entries I've read, notification of new ones, and locking or saving the ones I want to save.  I have about a dozen strips now, including the fabulous XKCD all RSSed up.  If you'd like to use some, let me know and I will email you the link.  I will not post it here as I don't want them abused. 

Oh, the other problem:  I'm always looking for more webcomics.  Most that I like I just stumbled on, so I always take recommendations.  And yes, I will feed up a strip, even if I don't like it, for someone else.  Just the way I am, service-oriented.

Update [10 Aug 2007]:  Ha ha!  When I went to XKCD.com today, I noticed that he's put up an ATOM feed himself.  So I can remove that one from my collection list. 


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