What Is Wrong With Apple?

by fwhagen Tue, 05 February 2008

No, really, what is wrong with that company?  During the Super Bowl (oops, now I owe the NFL money for using their trademark), they ran ads for their new laptop/notebook/purse.  The advert focused on one crucial feature:  it's size. 

It fits in an interoffice envelope. 

That's it.  It fits in an envelope.  Ok.  So?  Who buys a computer because it fits in an envelope?  Who cares!?  Does it run the latest software, games, 3D-rendering suites?  We don't know.  Wireless?  Firewire/USB/Bluetooth?  No idea.  Two buttons on a mouse?  Does it even have one?  But I can sent it to you via Interoffice mail!

This is but the latest example of what's wrong with Apple.  If it doesn't matter what your computer is capable of, do you even need to have one?  Especially one that is that overpriced?  I am tired of this company diluting the computing gene pool.  Call me old; call me a tech-weenie; call me whatever you want.  Form is important; but for a tool, NEVER over function.  Never.  Get out of the business and go sell purses.  Of course, then they'll claim they invented them....


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2/5/2008 9:29:06 PM #

They were advertising its size, which is something of importance to people who are always on the go and need to take up as little space as they can.  Not everyone is going to need to render a movie or make a multi-layer design in Photoshop.  Many folks just need to get internet, email, and other office related functions while taking up only a little bit of real estate.


Golf Cabalist
Golf Cabalist
2/29/2008 6:39:57 PM #

Please dont scoff at an advertisement that certainly caught MY eye!  My org has been searching for ways to increase data density in our "Pony Express" interoffice system, and those very slim Apple notebooks are going to be an excellent solution!

You criticize the ad for not telling more about what the computer will do.  One guesses that most people intelligent enough to be interested in the Super Bowl already know about email and web surfing, what else is there?

If you want me to call you "tech weenie", you're going to have to come up with some better ammo...


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