Use Multiple Versions of Visual Studio and Want Pinned Solutions?

by fwhagen Fri, 13 January 2012

I need to have VS2005 and VS2008 installed for support of one of my clients, and of course I use VS2010 for my own development.  And I love the pinned list of solutions that VS10 offers.   In the past, I used a folder Toolbar in the Taskbar for listing solutions for easy access, but that was a maintenance task. 

TaskbarPinIn Windows 7, you can pin the Visual Studio Version Selector to the taskbar and pin items from Recent to Pinned (or do it manually as any other Win 7 file can be).  This has enhanced my productivity for the client without cluttering my taskbar or desktop at all.  Windows 7 continues to be the most useful environment I’ve ever use. 


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