Reboot Me

by fwhagen Tue, 18 February 2014

Well, it's been an interesting year.  I'm not comfortable with the why just yet.  One fallout is that I am no longer a FiOS customer, unfortunately.  My servers have been down, or rather blocked, for a few months now.  But I have the site back online as of today.  I decided to try out GoDaddy's free web-hosting offers to see how I like it.  So far, pretty good, but it is early.  The great positive is the allowance for ASP.NET.  When I completely remodel the frontpage of the site (which it desperately needs), I may resurrect my MVC version.  Built in was nice too.  The only down so far is that I hate this theme.  I haven't discovered how to load up my customized one yet, but I will.

Here's to a better 2014 and some interesting adventures ahead!


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