Deploying Old MVC3 WebApps to Old 2008R2 WebServers

by fwhagen Wed, 04 October 2017

I just spent way too much time moving an Intranet webapp from one server to another for a client.  The publish was easy enough, and everything worked on the server, but I could not access it from a remote workstation.  It uses Windows Authentication for security and customized views, but I kept getting the annoying "401.1 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials" error from IIS.  I tried a bunch of things, many very weird from the Internet.  Then happened on the following post from StackExchange:

How can I check if my IIS site is using NTLM or Kerberos?


I simply flipped NTLM to the top of the Providers list, and it worked perfectly.  (Ger there by dbl-clicking the Authentication icon in IIS Manager for the site.)

I should probably do that for the Default Web Site (top) layer for all my servers.  Make my life easier, until I forget again.  I should probably post that.....



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