Goodnight Q6600

by fwhagen Thu, 18 July 2019

And so, the build I did in 2008, was finally shutdown for the last time today.  At it's heart was an Intel Core 2 Quad Q-6600 Step 0 processor.  I have seen many places call it one of the best CPUs ever made, and I can't argue that.  It was a beast when I built it, and I called it so.  Named it Mars, in homage to my favorite UNIX workstation in my earlier career.  And the motherboard!  The venerable Asus Maximus Formula, first of its line, was the first truly modern, enthusiast board I ever used.  The max RAM of 8GB used to be amazing!!

This system gave me great experiences in gaming, productivity, video transcoding, and so much more.  It ran everything.  I even ran virtual machines in it for awhile.  Several video cards passed through it over the years, and it took every one of them.  It didn't really handle the Radeon R9 290 completely in early 2015, but I was already planning it's successor, and bought the card early to play DirectX 12 games.  By October 2015, I had built Longsword, my nearly no-holds-barred, post-divorce, mid-life-crisis (?) workstation, and I stopped using the beast, now called Mars8, daily.  I passed it down to my son, then 9.  Mars8 soldiered on though, through Modded Minecraft, Roblox, Lego Worlds, Terraria, and even TF2, as the boy's gaming needs were not real high yet. 

But for my son's 13th birthday this year, I lined up another new build.  This week, we put it together.  Or rather, he did, with my guidance.  (It was a Ryzen based gaming build.  Not very interesting, really, but games well.  So I won't post the build notes for it.)  And now, he is playing games online with his friends right now, and my poor old machine is cast aside, although with affection, and will probably never be powered on again.  So goodbye to a great machine that lasted over 11 years.  


Update: 01/20/2020 - I did power my old friend back on again!  I ran some tests with it for Unraid and some old hard drives I, of course, have laying around.  It worked brilliantly.  I could very easily re-purpose the beast as a Unraid NAS/Plex server, but at 200W idle, I don't really want to waste the electricity that it would consume.  Maybe....


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